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Al-Daleel Information Tecnnologies (LLC) provides back-up and technical support services through the conclusion of  contracts with different stakeholders which has earned us excellence in this area. Our technical support services are provided either by e-mail, phone calls, remote access, or through field visits on a 24-hour basis. Through our partnership with ORACLE and the support of our company-cerified cadre,  we can provide substantive and technical solutions to infrastructures. Moreover, our partnership with IBM enables us to promote better most satisfactory solutions to infrastructure and equipment required for public and private institutions. And by our partnership with ArabSoft, we can make optimal financial solutions through standardizing the management into one single system for public and private institutions.

In our endeavor to seek your satisfaction, our range of services includes:

The customization and installation of systems, databases, computer and telecommunications networks, and system programming for institutions and public and private corporations.

Back-up and technical support services and after-sales services.

Supply and installation of all equipment , appliances and applications of ORACLE International corporation.

The creation and use of geographical mapping applications and positioning systems via satellite (GIS).

Provision of services  related to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) through subscription in Aldaleel Cloud.

Provision of support and counselling information and communication technology, staff training and qualifying, and the preparation of technical studies.

Technological Solutions

With the continued build-up of  tecnology to our world,  Al-Daleel Information Tecnnologies (LLC) continue to develop and promote sophisticated techniques to help you accsses more productive and efficient technical solutions and also assisting you in the highly competent fleet managment of equipment and processes competently, beginning  with. software solution for Micro-Enterprise and up to delivering optimal solutions to entire  institutional administration. Ever since its establishment, Al-Daleel Information Tecnnologies (LLC) have witnessed significant success in laying the groundwork  of an integrated system that are suitable for several  institutions and  public authorities through the provision of advisory services,  technical &  substantive solutions  and tech support to the highest international standards.

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