AlDaleel Odoo Product

GRP Government Resources Planning
Make government operations more successful
Budget-friendly ERP/GRP Software for Government

Government or public sector organizations such as military, law enforcement, infrastructure, electrical grids, telecommunications, banks, education, transportation.
Enhance operational efficiency and scale of operations Daleel GRP helping so many public sector bodies across the globe.
Daleel GRP is fully capable of helping the government sector and smartly manages its procurement contracts, stocks, purchases, operational activities and many other important activities.
Our team follow agile methodology of project management that is tailored to the specific needs of the project lifecycle. Right from the gap analysis and requirement gathering, prototyping, iterative implementation, development of custom modules, to testing and quality assurance, we do everything. Even after completing the implementation process, we provide full support and
maintenance services in case any issue arises.

Sale management and inventory monitoring for SMEs.
Real-time stock optimization and management.
Through a secure web platform, you benefit from a real-time view of your stocks and orders, and control your costs. Everything is automated, from procurement to invoicing to delivery.
You can view updated stock levels and product sheets at any time on your Laptop, tablet or mobile.
A complete business software, adapted to the needs of SMEs.
DALEEL ERP allows you to reduce your administrative task and gain visibility into your processes and customers.

A complete and comprehensive ERP system

You need in a single software package
Industry solution for IT service providers, software integrators, consulting companies, agencies and engineering offices.
Services companies face many challenges including getting the business, retaining the customer, managing complex global projects, improving company services, and increasing profitability.
Based on odoo project module, we have added numerous addons modules to make project on the core of all your processes (CRM, sale, Timesheet, purchase, operations, etc.). Every project is automatically a cost unit/cost Center and revenue to which all internals costs such
as materials, engines use, employees, expenses, etc. On real-time you have a big picture of
your project: actual revue vs cost and forecast of all operations.

Human Resources for modern companies
All-in-one: Recruitments, Appraisal, Expenses, Leaves, Attendances, etc.
Successfully manage your employees


Self-service portals allow employees to track and update their info without having to contact HR, including addresses, emergency contacts, direct deposit accounts, W-4s, vacation/sick time, insurance and performance reviews. Employees can also request time off.

Employee database typically store info in a centralized employee database with uniform records and document that can be accessed across the organization, no matter the location. Administrators can limit access to sensitive info by user or department.

Social collaboration: includes job posting to social networking sites, training programs via networking media and social intranets.


Streamline hiring: streamlines the hiring process using resume analytics, progress dashboards and communication tools. You can create a branded, professional career portal on your website. You can
transfer applicant information to the employee database after they're hired.

Boost engagement through continuing education. Hiring speakers or holding physical classes can be expensive. A cost-effective alternative with e-learning modules to help employees improve their skills
and performance at their own pace. Not only promotes employee engagement, but also prepares future leaders within the company who might otherwise leave.

Reduce data entry and HR questions: Employees often have specific questions about their salaries, benefits and time off. Answering them, however, can take up a huge chunk of your HR managers day. With a self-service portal, employees can view and update their information any time,
anywhere. This reduces data entry and administrative tasks for the HR department.

Automate payroll and compliance processes: automates payroll processes and compliance records, reducing costly errors. It calculates wages and salaries, deducts the correct amount of taxes and benefits, prints Salary Report and executes direct deposits. It can also schedule reminders when
compliance forms are due, require employees to digitally accept communications and deliver compliance training.

Improve employee feedback and performance: empower employees to take their performance into their own hands. With the performance management module, employees can monitor their progress, make improvements between scheduled reviews and develop their future goals. Managers can give more relevant feedback, recognize achievements, and plan future assignments and talent

Retail Management Solution
DALEEL POS is designed to optimize all the internal processes related to retail across an organization. As a result of the integration and optimization of all the business processes, the retail company’s employees are able to communicate with each other in a very effective manner.
With a modular approach makes it easy to manage every type of industry, with this in mind, retail businesses also benefit from its modules like sales, accounting, CRM, inventory, purchasing, etc.