Oracle Partnership

Aldaleel tech Company is a golden partner of Oracle International with the ability to distribute & Support all of Oracle’s products, “field delivery partner”

Supply and after sales services

The company has the direct supply and support through the company’s engineers specializing in software, equipment and equipment of Oracle International Company. The company’s services in this aspect are as follows:

  • Equipment & Supplies
  • GIS solution equipment
  • Data center servers
  • Supply, installation and follow up of Oracle systems for flexcube banking solutions
  • Supply, installation and follow-up of Oracle database applications
  • Supply, installation and follow-up of enterprises’ administrative systems management  
  • Supply, install and follow up of content management and network management
  • Provision and management of cloud solutions
  • Maintenance of data center devices “data center”
  • Supply, installation and follow up


The Sun hardware range acquired by Oracle Corporation’s purchase of Sun Microsystems

Oracle SPARC T-series servers and M-series mainframes developed and released after Sun acquisition

Engineered systems: pre-engineered and pre-assembled hardware/software bundles for enterprise use 

  • Exadata Database Machine – hardware/software integrated storage
  • Exalogic Elastic Cloud – hardware/software integrated application server
  • Exalytics In-Memory Machine – hardware/software integrated in-memory analytics server
  • Oracle Database Appliance
  • Big Data Appliance – integrated map-reduce/big data solution
  • SPARC SuperCluster T4-4 – a general purpose engineered system


Oracle Database is a multi-model database management system produced and marketed by Oracle Corporation.


Oracle Fusion Middleware is a family of middleware software products, including (for instance) application server, system integration, business process management (BPM), user interaction, content management, identity management and business intelligence (BI) products

Oracle Systems for Banking Solutions

Marketing banking system in flexcube

Aldaleel tech Company is working with the exclusive partner “provinsh” India, one of the best companies in the world in the marketing and management of Oracle products, including the flexcube system in both traditional and Islamic banking  to provide the latest innovative banking solutions in the world, produced by Oracle International Management Banking System

Flexcube has the capabilities to meet the challenges of daily banking and follow-up. The system is designed to serve the management of banks and their clients with the highest degree of efficiency globally.

Technical support for flexcube system

To ensure the continuity of the system and to provide maximum assurance to customers, Aldaleel tech Company arranged for  its engineers and financial staff to undertake intensive and specialized training so as to provide  technical support to banks using the system flexcube.

Oracle Cloud is a cloud computing service offered by Oracle Corporation providing servers, storage, network, applications and services through a global network of Oracle Corporation managed data centers. The company allows these services to be provisioned/accessed,  on demand over the Internet.

Oracle Cloud provides Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)Platform as a Service (PaaS)Software as a Service (SaaS) and Data as a Service (DaaS). These services are used to build, deploy, integrate and extend applications in the cloud.

Oracle also sells a suite of business applications. The Oracle E-Business Suite includes software to perform various enterprise functions related to (for instance) finance, manufacturing, customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP) and human resource management. The Oracle Retail Suite covers the retail-industry vertical, providing merchandise management, price management, invoice matching, allocations, store operations management, warehouse management, demand forecasting, merchandise financial planning, assortment planning and category management. Users can access these facilities through a browser interface over the Internet or via a corporate intranet.

ALdaleel tech, also, provides its prospective customers  with  oracle Product support.  Oracle Corporation identifies its customers and their support entitlements using CSI (Customer Support Identifier) codes. Registered customers can submit Service Requests (SRs) usually via the web-accessible My Oracle Support a re-incarnation of Oracle Metalink with web access administered by a site Customer User Administrator.